Pet Senior Wellness

Senior Pet Wellness Care From Our Lewistown Animal Hospital

Senior Pet Wellness

At Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic, LLC, your pet's health and wellness is the top priority of every member of our Lewistown animal hospital team. We take great pride in the compassionate, quality care we offer pets throughout all stages of life. This includes a wide range of senior wellness services to help your pet age as gracefully as possible. If you have a senior pet, now is a great time to schedule a senior wellness exam with our veterinary team!

The Importance of Senior Wellness Care for Pets

As pets age, their needs change. This is especially true when it comes to nutrition. For example, many senior pets experience weight loss, which can be dangerous in large amounts. For this reason, it may be recommended that pet owners switch older pets experiencing weight loss or frailness to a high-calorie food specifically formulated for seniors. This can help your pet maintain a healthy weight. Some senior pets will also need different proportions of macronutrients in their diets, so switching to a high-protein formula may also be recommended depending on your pet's specific needs.

In addition to keeping up with changes in your pet's nutritional needs, senior pets can also become more prone to certain types of illness and disease as they age. With this in mind, it's important to make sure your pet is receiving routine veterinary care and diagnostic testing as needed.

Older pets also tend to have a harder time getting around, so now might be a good time to make sure your senior pet has easy access to everything he or she needs. This includes food and water, a comfortable bed, and a litter box (for cats) that's within easy reach. Ideally, your older pet shouldn't have to navigate a flight of stairs to get to any of these basics.

Senior Wellness Services Offered

At Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic, LLC, we offer all the senior wellness services your pet needs. One of the most common services we provide to senior pets is that of comprehensive wellness exams, which we usually start recommended twice a year for pets who have reached their senior stage of life. These more frequent visits allow us to more easily take note of any changes in your pet's health and make sure things are looking good. As part of your pet's senior wellness exams, we can also run any diagnostics that may be necessary based on your pet's symptoms, age, or other risk factors. And if you need recommendations on your pet's changing nutritional needs, our veterinary team is happy to help.

Request an Appointment With Our Lewistown Veterinary Team

Your aging pet needs a little extra TLC, and our Lewistown veterinary team is here to provide it. You can schedule your pet's next appointment with Pleasant View Veterinary, LLC by giving us a call at either of our area locations. We look forward to serving you and your pet!

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