Animal Microchipping From Our Veterinarian in Lewistown and Mifflintown, PA

Animal microchipping has quickly gained popularity worldwide with pet owners and those with farm animals for numerous reasons. Most importantly, it’s the easiest way to help pets return home if they stray or get lost, and microchipped animals have a 30 to 50 percent better chance of being recovered. Furthermore, these microchips are affordable and the process is quick and painless. Here’s more about the microchipping services offered by our veterinarian in Lewistown at Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic and Juniata Veterinary Clinic.

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What Are Pet Microchips?

Microchips for pets and farm animals are small, rice-sized radio-frequency identification devices that can be implanted around the neck area just under the skin. These devices are passive until activated by detection scanners, which usually occurs at a vet or animal shelter after a lost pet is brought in by a concerned citizen. Essentially, these chips serve as an internal identification tag that is connected to a database of contact information so that pet owners can reunite with their missing animal.

The Pet Microchipping Process at Our Veterinary Clinic

It only takes a few seconds for our vet to gently inject the microchip implant, and there is no anesthesia necessary unless your pet has special considerations such as anxiety concerns. Animals undergoing the procedure experience no more discomfort than they would during a standard vaccination, and they are typically never even aware of the microchip's presence. Most animals can be microchipped at around four weeks old, and our veterinarian recommends that pet owners consider the procedure as soon as possible for good measure. After all, youngsters do tend to stray.

How Pet Microchips Work

It’s important to understand that these microchips are not tracking devices. Their presence is simply detected when a lost pet is brought to a shelter or vet and is scanned by a special device. Once detected, the chip emits a signal that allows the attendant to contact the database that holds the owner’s essential information. Owners are then contacted and will typically need to bring a certificate or some form of ownership proof before claiming their animal.

More Benefits of Pet Microchipping

Beyond helping lost animals return home safely, microchips are an excellent alternative to cumbersome collars that can get lost or fall off as animals trek or roam about. Microchips tend to last the lifespan of the average pet, so there is typically no need to replace batteries or the device itself. There is also no need to worry about personal information being compromised through microchip scans as the only thing the scanner shows is a number that the database operator then uses to identify the owner.

Considering Microchipping Your Pets ?

Don’t delay calling us today to discuss this affordable pet-identification device. We have two locations to serve your needs, and often same-day appointments are available. Contact Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic in Lewistown, PA, at (717) 436-9790, or reach our satellite office, the Juniata Veterinary Clinic in Mifflintown, PA, at 717-436-9790 to schedule an appointment.

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