Pet Eye Infections

A pet eye infection is a serious condition that should not be taken lightly. There are several signs and symptoms to look out for that can inform you of just how serious this condition is, and allow you to recognize when it's time to get help from a veterinarian. At Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic, we're here to help residents of Lewistown and Mifflintown provide their animals with eye infection treatment. Whether your pet is a stray or has been with you for their entire lives, they are equally susceptible to eye infections and need help from our veterinarian right away.

Pet Eye Infections

What Are Pet Eye Infections?

Pet eye infections are caused when a foreign body enters the eye of your pet and begins to cause damage to their vision and the physical eye itself. Eye infections can be caused by fungus, bacteria, and viruses. They can also be caused by eye worms, which are parasites that burrow into the eye of your dog.

What Are the Signs of Pet Eye Infections?

One of the most obvious signs of a pet eye infection is redness, tearing, and discharge coming from the eye of your dog. Your dog or cat might also be in pain and display changes in behavior, such as increased aggression or fatigue. Other times, pet eye infections can also lead to serious symptoms such as high fevers, and total or partial vision loss.

How a Veterinarian Can Help

Our veterinarian will take a deep look inside the eye of your pet. We will conduct a physical exam to determine if your pet is suffering from pet eye infections. If your pet is suffering from an eye infection, our veterinarian can prescribe treatment such as daily eye drops and medication to kill the bacteria or parasite present in your dog or cat's eye. Our veterinarian might recommend surgery if your pet’s eye infection is severe. We can also determine if an eye infection is truly the culprit, as medical conditions like cataracts can mimic the signs of an eye infection.

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