Veterinary Care for Rabbits

Though pet rabbits may not be quite as high maintenance as cats and dogs, this doesn't mean that they don't require an occasional trip to the veterinarian. And when it comes to vet care for rabbits, you won't be able to take it just anywhere. You'll need to seek an animal hospital that has a specialty in caring for small animals. At Pleasant View and Juniata Vet Clinic, we're proud to offer this small animal expertise to the Lewistown and Mifflintown communities. Here's a closer look at the importance of an annual checkup and other vet care for rabbits.


Annual Well-Being Checkups for Rabbits

Rabbits aren't required to receive annual immunizations in the United States; however, we still recommend that rabbits see a vet on an annual basis. This is largely due to rabbits, by nature, are very stoic creatures, which can make it difficult to tell if they are sick or suffering from an injury. We'll carefully examine your rabbits to assess their health when you bring them in for a wellness check, and we'll also provide other key information for caring for your rabbits, such as:

  • How to exercise them and play with them
  • How to brush their fur
  • How to clean their cages
  • Signs to look for as it pertains to their behavior and eating habits
  • How to rabbit-proof your home
  • How to trim your rabbit's nails

Vet Procedures for Rabbits

In addition to routine wellness visits, we also strongly recommend having your rabbits spayed or neutered. This isn't just important to help control the rabbit population, but doing so can also help prevent certain reproductive health issues and eliminate certain behavioral problems. These behavioral problems often include aggressive behavior, digging, marking their territory, biting, fighting with other rabbits, and more. A rabbit that has been spayed or neutered is generally a much happier and more relaxed animal, and that's good for the animal and you, the owner.

Furthermore, it's imperative that the right veterinarian performs the spay or neuter procedure, as rabbits require just the right amount of anesthesia due to their more delicate nervous system compared to other animals. At Pleasant View & Juniata Veterinary Clinic, we have the knowledge and experience to perform these procedures on your rabbits. 

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For more information on Pleasant View & Juniata Veterinary Clinic and to learn more about vet care for your rabbits, contact us today. As the Lewistown and Mifflintown area's first choice for trusted, high-quality veterinary care, we understand how your pets are part of the family. It's why we work so hard to ensure that it receives the best care possible. Contact us today at 717-248-4703 for more information. 





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