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Our Lewistown, PA Animal Hospital Treats Paw Pains

If your pet is limping or otherwise displaying signs of a painful paw, you will undoubtedly feel for your special friend -- and you want to help him find his way back to comfort as quickly and effectively as possible. That's when it's good to know that here at our Lewistown, PA animal hospital, Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic and Juniata Veterinary Clinic, we know paw care like the back of our hand. We're more than happy to diagnose the cause of your pet's distress and administer the necessary treatments to alleviate it.

dog at vet after paw treatment

When Your Pet's Paws Need Help

Four-legged animals like cats and dogs spend a significant portion of their lives standing, running, and jumping over a wide range of surfaces. It's no wonder, then, that their paws may sustain damage or irritation -- especially in our modern world of hard cement, asphalt and indoor flooring. Degenerative joint problems can also contribute to paw pain and dysfunction. Your pet's pain may be the result of:

  • Arthritis, in which the paw joints become stiff, painful and swollen
  • Extremely hot or cold surfaces, which can damage the sensitive skin of the paws
  • Road salt and other irritating substances placed on streets in cold weather
  • An acute injury such as a sprain, strain, or ruptured ligament
  • A foreign object embedded in the paw
  • Conditions such as cancer, myasthenia gravis, or degenerative disc disease

While some veterinary ailments may go hidden for a long time, paw problems are pretty easy to spot. If your pet is favoring one paw, limping, avoiding favorite activities and/or showing signs of damage to the paw pads, it's time to seek expert help from our caring team at Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic and Juniata Veterinary Clinic.

Great Pet Care Means Great Paw Care

Our animal hospital's emphasis on top-quality pet care extends to every part of your best friend's body, including his paws. Our Lewistown, PA veterinarians will perform visual inspections, take X-rays as needed, and observe your pet's gait, stance and other paw usage for signs of pain or disability. We may also check your pet for possible neurological or neuromuscular conditions that require treatment. If your pet has been in a recent accident, we can discuss the details of that injury with you.

Once we've found the reason for your pet's paw pain, we can administer the necessary pet care options to help take that pain away. We may prescribe surgery to repair acute joint damage, anti-inflammatory drugs or foods to ease chronic conditions, tumor removal or medication to improve nerve function, or foreign object removal to relieve the pain. We can also advise you on preventative measures such as booties to protect your pet's paws in extreme weather.

Our Animal Hospital Can Help Your Pet Feel Better

Give your pet's paws the compassionate care they need. Call either of our locations for an appointment at our animal hospital!