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Equine Dental Care with Our Mifflintown Veterinarian

Our equine veterinarian in Mifflintown is here to educate our patients on the importance of equine dental care and dental problems. Because dental health is directly related to your animal's overall health, we suggest our patients maintain a dental plan to keep this relationship optimized. A number of dental problems can arise when we dismiss the importance of equine dental care such as buildup of tartar and plaque and infections that are caused by bacteria. When left untreated, these issues can spread to organs such as the liver and heart. By scheduling an appointment with our Mifflintown veterinarian we can help prevent these dental problems while teaching you how to care for your animal's teeth between visits with us. 

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All About Equine Dentistry with Our Lewistown Veterinarian

We offer a variety of services for your pet's dental care needs at our Lewistown veterinarian. The services we offer are:

Teeth Cleaning

Our equine veterinarian in Lewistown suggests scheduling an appointment annually and in some cases bi-annually for teeth cleaning. While a personal home tooth cleaning is a healthy habit, we can remove plaque and tartar that may be forming below the gum line. During this procedure, your animal will be safely under anesthesia. While we clean your animal's teeth, we are also able to observe any dental changes. We can also perform scaling and polishing to further protect against tartar and keep teeth smooth.

Dental Extractions

In some cases your animal may be experiencing an infection or have a broken tooth requiring extraction. Under anesthesia we can safely perform this extraction in our office. 

Preventive and Home Equine Dental Care

During your appointment with our Lewiston veterinarian, we are happy to teach you how to care for your animal's teeth at home. We offer a variety of different size tooth brushes and toothpastes for your needs. The more you clean your pet's teeth, the more they may become comfortable with the practice. We understand in some cases, it is too difficult and some pets do not allow their teeth to be brushed. If this is the case with your pet, please call us to discuss alternative options. 

Contact Your Lewistown Veterinarian Today

Ready to prevent dental problems and take charge with equine dental care? Please schedule an appointment with us by calling 717-248-4703 today.