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Greetings From Your Veterinarian in Mifflintown PA

Welcome to the official website for Juniata Veterinary Clinic, your home base for top-quality pet care! Your veterinarian in Mifflintown PA will be more than happy to provide every animal in your menagerie with ideal mix of compassionate care, experience and expertise. Whether your household requires an equine veterinarian, exotic pet care, or straightforward well procedures for dogs or cats, you'll find what you're looking for at our clinic.

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About Juniata Veterinary Clinic

Juniata Veterinary Clinic has proudly served the Mifflintown community since 2001, when it was first established as a satellite clinic of Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic, LLC in Pleasant View PA. Area residents love the convenience of having an all-in-one primary clinic right in their own back yard -- or, in the case of horses and large herd animals, in the comfort of their own farms. When you need an experienced equine veterinarian or food animal veterinarian, an ordinary Mifflintown veterinarian won't be able to help you. We're equally adept at exotic pet care for animals ranging from rodents to lizards and beyond. Your entire animal family is in good hands when you rely on our skilled team.

Juniata Veterinary Clinic is owned and operated by Dr. Michaela Fry, a noted food animal veterinarian and member of the Penn Stat Ag Extension Board. She is joined by Dr. Melissa Ehrisman, Dr. Russ LaPierre, and Dr. Sol Allen Sath. Our team's accumulated skill, insight and wisdom make us the veterinary clinic of choice for conscientious area animal owners just like you.

Farm Animal and Pet Care Services

Your Mifflinton veterinarian at Juniata Veterinary Clinic can provide a variety of farm animal and pet care services. Your four-legged friends can benefit greatly from:

  • Preventative care - We offer regular wellness exams that can pinpoint problems still early in the making. Vaccinations, prescription diets, nutritional advice,parasite prevention and many other forms of preventative care can keep all your animals healthier for life.
  • Pet dentistry - Pet dentistry is an important aspect of health and wellness. We can provide routine checkups, teeth cleaning, equine tooth floating, and treatment for  variety of oral and dental problems.
  • Dermatology - When an animal's skin is showing signs of trouble, turn to the dermatology services available from your Mifflintown veterinarian. We can diagnose the nature of the problem and prescribe the proper treatment to relieve it.
  • Surgery - When your beloved friend requires surgery, your Mifflintown veterinarian is there for him. We can perform sexual sterilizations, orthopedic reconstruction, trauma surgery, internal surgery, lump removal and more.
  • Acupuncture - Acupuncture is as effective at relieving pain and enhancing healing for pets and farm animals as it is for human beings. Our equine veterinarian, Dr. Pierre, even offers acupuncture for horses, making our clinic one of the few in the area to provide this service.

Experience Our Excellence

Discover the Juniata Veterinary Clinic difference for yourself. Call 717-248-4703 to schedule a visit to our Mifflintown office!