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Services Provided by Your Veterinarian in Lewistown

In addition to caring for dogs, cats, rabbits and birds, Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic,LLC our veterinarians also offer pet dentistry and improving general pet health, dermatology services, and behavioral counseling. If you own cattle, sheep or pigs, our food animal veterinarians can keep your livestock in excellent health with appropriate vaccinations, regular examinations and preventative services to keep your livestock healthy.

Learn more about our veterinary clinics located in Lewistown, PA.  Our Lewistown veterinarians and staff are happy to help you and care for your pets!

Pet Dentistry at Your Lewistown Veterinarian Clinic

Most pet owners don't think their pet needs dental care simply because their pet can't tell them they have a toothache. In addition, pets don't like us to invade their oral space by forcing their mouths open for a good look at their teeth and gums. That's why we recommend pet owners bring their pets in for an annual dental examination to prevent gingivitis or periodontitis from interfering with your pet's ability to chew food properly. When caught in time, animal gum disease is reversible with pet dentistry treatment. Allowing tartar and plaque to build up on your pet's teeth may cause their gums to bleed, swell and recede, which contributes to tooth loss and tooth pain.

Pet Surgery Procedures

In addition to  offering simple spaying and neutering and removal of benign skin lesions, our vets are qualified to perform a variety of more complicated surgeries, including removal of foreign bodies, ear canal ablations, ACL repair, gastric-dilitation-volvulus and splenectomies. If we diagnose your pet with an illness requiring surgery, we will take the time to explain all aspects of the surgery, what to expect following surgery and provide follow-up care to ensure your pet has a healthy recovery.

Visit our Lewistown Veterinarian 

We are proud to care for a wide range of animals that need specialized veterinary care not provided by traditional vet clinics. We invite you to stop by our clinic and talk to our veterinarians about your concerns regarding your pets or livestock. If you need to make an appointment, call Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic today at 717-248-4703.