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Posted on 07-17-2017

Four Reasons to Consider Microchipping at Mifflintown and Lewistown Veterinary Clinic

Do you need some convincing before having a microchip installed in your pet? Here are four great reasons to consider our Mifflintown or Lewistown microchipping services.

cat being microchipped

  1. Collar tags aren't indestructible. The traditional collar tag will always be the primary piece of ID for any members of the general public who might encounter your lost pet -- but you need to make sure a microchip is also present as a backup. It's all too easy for a collar tag to detach from the collar, either accidentally or through the actions of a thief. Once that tag is gone, so are your chances of the pet being identified as yours.
  2. Microchipping is quick, simple and affordable. Some people assume that microchipping is an expensive, elaborate surgical procedure. Actually, the tiny transmitter can be injected into your pet via syringe, just like a vaccination. This makes it a highly affordable and very easy form of preventative pet care in Lewistown and Mifflintown.
  3. Microchipping is a permanent solution. A microchip relies solely on the energy of the RF scanning device that is scanning your pet's body. When the beam reaches the microchip, the microchip uses that energy to send its information. With no need for batteries and no moving parts to worry about, your pet's microchip can easily last a lifetime.
  4. Pets with microchips are more likely to come home. Research indicates that microchipped dogs are reunited with their owners over 52 percent of the time, and microchipped cats enjoyed this happy ending 38.5 percent of the time. Compare that to less than 22 percent for non-microchipped dogs and a bleak 1.8 percent for non-microchipped cats!

Ready to Schedule This Form of Pet Care in Lewistown or Mifflintown?

Now that you see the value of microchipping, call Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic, LLC or Juniata Veterinary Clinic today to schedule this form of pet care in Lewistown or Mifflintown. 

Have you ever had a pet go missing? Were you able to find your pet, and if so, how?

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