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Dog Skin Problems

It is normal for dogs to scratch for some time every day, but it is not normal when they scratch most of their waking hours and even wake up from a sound sleep to scratch. Our veterinarians at Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic provide quality veterinary services for a variety of health issues affecting dogs, including skin problems. If you live in or around Lewistown and Mifflintown and your furry friend is experiencing a skin issue, it’s time to book an appointment with our team.


Dogs with allergies often show symptoms on their skin. They can scratch their skin raw or open, have discolored or reddened skin, have hives or other bumps, and have constant ear infections. They may have swellings, particularly in the mouth and face. Dogs with allergies may also experience vomiting, diarrhea, runny eyes or noses, cough, sneeze, or have sudden personality changes.


Despite its name, ringworm is caused by fungus and not by worms. It has roundish bald patches on the dog’s coat with red rings. These bald spots can become inflamed, sore, or break open. Fortunately, ringworm can be successfully treated with medication from your veterinarian. Ringworm is contagious to other animals and people, so launder all of your dog’s bedding and wash the collar.


Dogs get two kinds of mange that have the same cause, microscopic mites. Mange causes such terrible itching that the dog scratches the skin open. Mange also causes bald patches, crusting, thickened skin, and darkened skin. The areas affected the most are the face, belly, and legs. Sarcoptic mange is highly contagious, so your dog needs to get diagnosed and treated to stop the mange spreading. Both types of mange, sarcoptic and demodectic, can be successfully treated at an animal hospital.

Yeast Infections

Dogs with yeast infections scratch, have what looks like a bad case of dandruff, have bald patches, and produce grease. The skin may thicken or turn dark. Infections happen where the skin stays moist, which is usually in the wrinkly folds of the face and on the paws but can appear anywhere.

Contact Our Veterinarians in Mifflintown, PA

If your dog shows any signs of skin problems and you live in the Lewistown or Mifflintown areas, contact Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic to book an appointment with one of our veterinarians. Call our team today at (717) 248-4703 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.



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