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Is My Pet Bird Warm Enough?

A chill can be disastrous for pet birds, so it is important to assess surroundings seasonally to help prepare for cooler weather. Is your bird warm enough? According to vet experts, if you maintain a comfortable environment for your pet and pay attention to the following tips, you should be able to keep pet birds warm year-round. Be sure to talk to your small animal veterinarian at Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic in Lewistown and Mifflintown, to learn more.

Pet Care Tips for Birds

The Enclosure

Bird experts at an area animal clinic recommend that you keep the birds’ cage out of drafts and cooler areas of the home or room. Try to find a place where the temperature is consistent and warm. Cover the cage with a special cage-cover during the night to help keep birds toasty warm.


Still worried about a chilly bird? Try a heat accessory like a heat perch or lamp. Heat lamps for birds are similar to tiny heaters for the cage. Heat perches help warm your pet’s legs and feet. Both make sense for pet birds.


Toys make keep your pets active, which will help keep them warmer on chilly days.


Create a community and keep your pet birds together on cold days. Just make sure that you have ample room and that the birds are cordial before leaving them unsupervised.


Increase the food that you give to your birds at night to help them stay warmer.
Is your bird warm enough? Use these tips and schedule your pet’s wellness visit today to make sure!
Keep your pet bird healthy and happy with regular wellness visits to your vet provider at Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic, serving Lewistown and Mifflintown, PA. Use these tips and tactics to keep your bird warm when winter weather comes.



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