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Cold Weather Tips for Pets

Cold Weather Tips for Pets

When the weather outside is frightful, you may feel like hunkering down and staying warm. As a pet owner, you make sure that your furry family members get the nutrition they need and take them for their wellness exams regularly. Cold weather can make things more difficult for your pets and making sure that you protect them during this time of the year is important. At Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic, we provide comprehensive animal care to residents in Lewistown, Mifflintown, and the surrounding communities.

Pennsylvania Pet Regulations

In Pennsylvania, we have already had some winter-like weather. When you are feeling cold keep in mind that your pet is also feeling the cold. Animal cruelty laws in Pennsylvania have been strengthened and Governor Wolf is warning that they will be enforced. Act 10 states that dogs cannot be tied outside for more than 30 minutes if temperatures are below 32 degrees. Also, pets must have a clean shelter that lets them maintain normal body temperature and keeps them dry.

Walking Your Pet

Pets need exercise and to go for walks no matter what the weather. If you have an older pet, keep in mind that the cold can make health conditions like arthritis worse. Keeping walks short is the best policy. Always make sure that your pet has a cleared walkway to walk on. If there is snow and ice, your pet may slip and get injured. Be on the lookout for snow melting chemicals that can damage the pads on your pet's feet. If you are feeling cold, so is your pet; consider putting a pet coat on your furry friend when both of you are outdoors.

Wipe Down

When you get back home after a walk, wipe down your pet. Clean the footpads and underbelly. Many winter chemicals are toxic to pets and animals may pick them up on their walks.

Veterinarians You Can Trust!

If you are looking for an animal hospital in the Lewistown or Mifflintown area, you can trust our veterinarians at Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic to take care of your furry friends. Call us today at (717) 436-9790 to learn more about our veterinary services or to schedule an appointment.



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