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Importance of Pet Microchipping

Importance of Pet Microchipping

Unfortunately, pets getting lost is not new. The best way to prevent pets from getting lost is by getting them microchipped. An experienced veterinarian can help make this possible.

Don’t wait for your beloved pet to get lost or stolen. Visit Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic and get your pet microchipped and increase the chances of them being returned to you if they get lost. The process is harmless and does not take too much time. Our clinics are located in Lewistown and Mifflintown. We also do routine examinations to ensure that the microchip is well-positioned and functioning properly.

What Are the Benefits of Pet Microchipping?

Microchips are small-sized computer chips that are implanted under a pet’s skin by a veterinarian. They usually have a registration number linked to the contact information of the pet’s owner. The information is then fed into a pet registry. A microchip usually has a secure and permanent identification, which means that if a pet gets lost, it can be returned to you. You only need to keep the contact information updated.

Unlike pet collars, a microchip will not get broken or be removed from your pet by just anyone. If someone steals your pet, the chip will provide proof that the pet belongs to you. Additionally, a pet microchip will last for a lifetime. It does not have to be replaced. It only needs to be occasionally checked by a veterinary to prevent malfunctioning.

Are Pet Microchips Safe?

It is normal to get concerned about the safety of your pets. One of the dangers of microchipping is the migration of the chip from its right position. However, this should not worry you if you take your pet for routine veterinary checks. The veterinary will ensure that the chip is in its right position.

Get Pet Microchipping Services at Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic

Everyone hopes that their pet will not get lost or stolen. However, this is not always the case. Protect your pet by having it microchipped at Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic. Our aim is to ensure that no pet is disunited from its owner. Our services are affordable and safe. Our clinics are in Lewistown and Mifflintown. Call out Lewistown clinic at (717) 248-4703 or Mifflintown at (717) 436-9790 to book an appointment.



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