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Is My Pet Bird Warm Enough?

Is My Pet Bird Warm Enough?

Part of pet care for birds is to make sure they are warm enough, especially during cold temperatures. A bird is an animal that is not well equipped for cold temperatures, even in a well-insulated and sheltered area. Besides speaking with our veterinarian in Mifflintown or Lewistown, there are ways to keep your bird warm.

If your bird is cold, it will likely sit with its feathers fluffed up to retain body heat. It also won’t move around much when cold. This behavior is a sign of an illness so if you increase the temperature and your bird isn’t resuming its normal behavior, then contact our vet at Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic.

Mimic the Bird’s Native Environment

If you aren’t sure what the temperature is appropriate for your pet bird, then look for its native environment. Usually, it is dangerous to expose your animal to any environment that is cooler than 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if you have your bird in a climate-controlled space, note that a burst of cold air or a drafty window can cause stress on your bird's immune system.

The Heating Should Be Safe for the Bird

Unless your home has central air and heat, as well as good insulation, providing the right temperature can be a challenge. For example, you don’t want to build a fire in the fireplace, since this could be a burn risk and the smoke is also a health hazard. You also don’t want to use a space heater since some give off toxic fumes that could be dangerous to your bird. Keep the cage away from any windows and doors. Interior parts of your home are usually the warmest.

Don’t Forget Humidity

Keeping your pet warm is only one part of the equation since you also need to pay attention to humidity levels. Low humidity can lead to brittle feathers, respiratory problems, and dry skin. One option to fix this issue is with an electric humidifier in the room where the cage is located.

Visit Our Veterinarian For More Tips!

Our vet clinic in Lewistown or Mifflintown will make sure that you get the right care for your pet bird, especially during the winter months. Contact Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic today at (717) 248-4703 to schedule an appointment.



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