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Toxic Ingestion

Why Toxic Ingestion in Pets Requires an Emergency Vet

Pleasant View Vet Clinic has been taking care of pets in Mifflintown and Lewistown for several years, and toxic ingestion is one of the prevalent health cases of dogs and cats. So, we will like to discuss it in brief to make sure that our pet owners are aware of it. You don’t have to be a veterinarian to know a few things about toxic ingestion.

What is Toxic Ingestion

It is simply when your pet swallows any object that is harmful to the body. Once it is already in his body, it will begin to wreak havoc. Your pet can’t talk, so it can’t explain how it feels. That’s why you should be very observant. We have outlined some signs of poisoning in animals.

Signs of Toxic Ingestion as Listed by Our Veterinarians

The common symptoms of poisoning are:

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Constant tiredness/weakness
  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Wanting to stay alone

It is necessary to remind you that the signs are more than these. In fact, they are infinite. Also, when you see just one of the symptoms, don’t quickly conclude as other medical conditions could cause it. However, when you notice more than one of the signs, then you should see an emergency vet as quickly as possible.

Steps to Take When Your Pet is Poisoned

You need to take the poisoned dog or cat to a veterinarian as quickly as possible. The longer the foreign object remains in their body, the more damage it can do. In this situation, every second counts.

Keep the animal calm while taking it to an emergency vet. If you can get a sample of the toxic substance your pet ate, give it to your vet. That will help the vet determine the best treatment option. We believe that preventing is always easier, better, cheaper, and smarter than curing, so we have given a few tips on how to prevent poisoning below.

How to Prevent Toxic Ingestion

  • Make sure your pesticides are not within your pet’s reach.
  • If you have houseplants, ensure your dogs/cats cannot reach them.
  • Monitor what your pets eat.
  • Ensure their water supplies cannot be contaminated easily.
  • Feed them well to reduce cravings.
  • Train your dog not to eat anything without your consent. It isn’t very easy, but it is doable.

Come Visit Us or Request an Appointment with Our Veterinarians Today

Our doors are always open in Lewistown and Mifflintown, and we have been treating cases of toxic ingestion in animals for several years. So, if you suspect that your dog or cat may be suffering from poisoning, contact Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic immediately. Call us at (717) 248-4703 for our Pleasant View Vet Clinic or (717) 436-9790 to find out how we can help you.



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