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Summertime Pet Problems

Summertime Pet Problems

Summer is coming and, with it, a host of frustrating issues that will plague pet owners everywhere.  

Whether you’re visiting the veterinarian in Lewistown or the veterinarian in Mifflintown, chances are you’ll be seeing, hearing about and dealing with a lot of similar summertime pet problems.

While warm weather pets may used to be dealing with certain conditions all year-round, pets that live in Pennsylvania and other cold-weather states have limited experience with issues that only happen when the weather warms up. The scarcity of experience may make dealing with these issues much more challenging for both the pet and the owner.

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So What Conditions Cause Pets Discomfort in the Summer?

Well increased heat or humidity can definitely cause pets to be a bit more lethargic in the summer. Just like humans, pets will need to drink lots water to avoid dehydration. A higher number of bugs flitting about is also a cause of frustration for many pets (as well as their owners). Although these are situations that most people simply find ways to grin and bear, there are other conditions that call for vet intervention or treatments.


Frequent scratching may be a sign that your pet has fleas. A slight infestation may cause your pet a little discomfort but may not impede his normal routine of playing, eating or sleeping. If your pet is allergic to fleas, however, it could present a much bigger problem.


Ticks can actually be a problem in both cold and hot weather. Summer weather, however, brings more opportunities to run and play outside, so the likelihood of ticks attaching themselves to your pet is much higher.


Heartworms is a very serious disease and can be fatal. Heartworm typically gets transmitted from one pet to another, but the most dangerous carrier is the mosquito, which is why the threat is more of a concern in the summer.

Pet Preventative Care

Fleas, ticks and heartworms are not just annoying summertime disturbances -- they all have the potential to be serious health hazards for your pet. There are treatments that you could purchase at your local pet store to deal with fleas, but if you suspect ticks, which may cause your pet to contract a dangerous tick-born disease, or heartworms, the best course of action is to take your pet in to see your vet as soon as possible to get a full check-up and treatment plan.

What about you? Do you have concerns about how to care for your pet differently in the summer than you do in winter? Let us know -- we’re happy to answer all of your pet-related questions!



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