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Urinary Obstruction

Our Veterinarians in Mifflintown and Lewistown Treat Urinary Obstruction In Pets

Urinary obstruction is an abnormal blockage of urinary flow. This blockage can lead to partial or complete damage to the kidneys, kidney stones, or infection. While urinary obstruction is something that humans often worry about, this condition can happen to pets as well. If your pet is having difficulty urinating, have our vets at Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic in Lewistown or Juniata Veterinary Clinic in Mifflintown treat it.

How Does Urinary Obstruction Happen?

When the urethra, which is a tube that connects the bladder to the urinary meatus, becomes completely blocked, your pet will have difficulty to urinate. This can lead to abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and discomfort during urinal release. Urinary obstruction can be the result of blood clotting, pelvic fracture, a digestive tract disease, a tumor mass, or kidney stones being stuck in the ureter.

Symptoms of Urinary Obstruction

Urinary obstruction is often hard to detect in pets because animals are unable to verbally communicate when something is wrong. As a pet owner, you will need to pay attention to potential symptoms like bloody urine, frequent bouts of urination, whining, loss of appetite, and straining to urinate. If your pet displays these symptoms, take him or her to the nearest vet.

How to Treat It

This condition can sometimes lead to renal dysfunction, otherwise known as kidney failure, so it is best to visit a veterinarian for an assessment. If your pet has a urinary obstruction, your vet may suggest a few options, such as using lasers to break up the stones, removing the blockage with surgery, or using a catheter to help the urine to pass through the urethra. Discuss with your veterinarian what the best option would be for your animal.

Schedule an Exam for Your Pet Today

Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic and Juniata Veterinary Clinic offers high-quality vet services for the residents of Lewistown and Mifflintown. If you would like us to check for urinary obstruction in your pet, contact us at 717-248-4703 (Lewistown) or 717-436-9790 (Mifflintown) to schedule an appointment.



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