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Dog Skin Problems

Skin Problems In Dogs Can Be Treated At Our Animal In Lewistown And Mifflintown

Skin problems are one of the most common reasons pet owners take their dogs to see our veterinarians in Lewistown or Mifflintown. Skin conditions can make a dog uncomfortable or miserable and can cause itchiness, excessive scratching, fur falling out, sores, and dull coats. Speak to one of our veterinarians at Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic about any skin problems your dog may be suffering from so that we can design a treatment plan for your pet.

Common Dog Skin Problems

  • Itchy Skin: This is the most common skin problem for dogs. Constant scratching can leave both the dog and owner in distress, and cause infections. Our veterinarians in Lewistown and Mifflintown can diagnose the root cause of the problem and recommend ways to stop the inflammation and itchiness.
  • Allergies: These are a very common cause of itchy skin. A dog could be allergic to something in their food, environment, or flea bites. Our animal hospital can determine the underlying cause and design a treatment plan best suited for your pet.
  • Hot Spots and Sores: Hot spots and sores are usually caused by bacterial infections, fleas, or mites. Call our veterinary team right away if you notice any red sores that are sticky as these can spread quickly.
  • Hair Loss: Hair loss can be caused by a variety of problems and conditions, such as seasonal allergies, hypothyroidism, liver disease, cancer, and kidney disease. Take your pet to our animal hospital for an examination to find out the cause of your pet’s hair loss.

Seek Medical Attention from Our Veterinarians in Lewistown or Mifflintown for Pet Skin Problems

Make an appointment with Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic to have your pet examine for his or her skin problem. We can help create a treatment plan to ease your animal’s symptoms. Call us today at 717-248-4703.



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