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Orthopedics FAQs

Orthopedics FAQs

If you’re like most pet owners, you may feel uneasy about your pet undergoing orthopedic surgery. Orthopedic surgery, however, can help your pet enjoy a higher quality of life. The following FAQs from Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic provide greater insight into orthopedic pet surgery and the benefits it has to offer.

What Conditions Does Orthopedic Pet Surgery Treat?

Orthopedic pet surgery is used to repair painful problems with your pet’s muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints. This includes fractures, ruptured ligaments, joint dysfunction, hip and knee replacement, etc. Orthopedic surgery reduces painful symptoms of these conditions and helps restore your pets’ mobility, so they can enjoy full and active lives.

What Screenings Are Done before Pet Surgery?

Our Lewistown/Mifflintown vet will review your pet’s health history and evaluate his current health to ensure he’s a good candidate for surgery. We’ll conduct blood, urine, and ultrasound tests to confirm your pet’s condition and identify issues requiring surgical repair, such as fractures, muscle tears, ruptured ligaments, and arthritis.

What Signs Indicate That My Pet May Need Surgery?

If your pet has joint problems, he may display pain as he walks or runs. He may walk less often or slower than normal or even limp along. He may be less active or playful due to painful joints. A veterinary checkup will reveal the cause of your pet's mobility problems and if surgery is the best option to restore his health. 

How Long Will It Take My Pet to Recover from Orthopedic Pet Surgery and What’s Involved in His Post-Op Care?

Recovery times vary depending on the surgery and your pet. We recommend your pet get plenty of rest after his procedure and that he avoid contact with children and other pets until the effects of the anesthesia has worn off. We’ll provide you with written instructions on post-op care and schedule follow-up visits to monitor his recovery. We’ll also provide antibiotic and pain medications, if needed, to facilitate his recovery.

See Our Lewistown/Mifflintown Vet for Orthopedic Pet Surgery

To schedule an evaluation for orthopedic pet surgery, contact Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic at 717-248-4703 today.



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