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Signs of Arthritis in Pets

As your pet grows older, there’s always the chance that he will develop chronic conditions. Arthritis is one of those conditions. If you think your pet may be developing arthritis, schedule a checkup with your Lewistown/Mifflintown veterinarian at Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic. We will examine your pet to see if he shows signs of this condition. Here are some of the most common signs of arthritis in pets.


Limping is one of the first signs of arthritis in pets. Although dogs and cats limp for different reasons, pets that limp for extended periods of time could be developing arthritis. Your pet may favor certain legs over others due to pain in his joints. He may limp more in the morning when he first wakes up and less after he's had a chance to warm up his joints.

Loss of Mobility

Your lively pet may be less active than normal due to arthritic joints. You may find she sleeps more, jumps around less and doesn’t seem as interested in playing as she did before. Arthritis can also cause behavior changes in your dog or cat due to the pain. Your pet may become more irritable and even snap at you when you try to cuddle with him due to painful symptoms.

Back Pain

Arthritis can affect the bones in your pet’s spine, causing back pain and discomfort. If you notice your pet hunching his back as he walks or adopting strange postures, it may be due to arthritis.


Tiredness is yet another sign that something is not quite right with your pet. Pets with arthritis often sleep more during the day. They also tire easily after performing routine tasks like walking or playing.


Arthritis can cause one or more of your pet’s legs to atrophy, making it thinner than the others. Pets with arthritis naturally move less. Reduced movement can cause your pet’s muscles to atrophy.

See Your Lewistown/Mifflintown Veterinarian for Arthritis Diagnosis and Treatment

For arthritis diagnosis and treatment, contact Pleasant View Veterinary Clinic at 717-248-4703 or Juniata Veterinary Clinic at 717-436-9790 today!



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